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We elevate businesses by helping them leverage the power of Web3 and augmented reality

What is changing?

The age of immersive

Consumers have grown numb to traditional ads. Augmented reality stands out as the new medium, leaving lasting impressions.

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Privacy & Copyright

Privacy and copyright are hot topics today. Blockchain, with transparency and immutability built into its core, is solving this problem.

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New income streams

NFTs have empowered creators, artists and musicians to pursue their passions without the 9-to-5.

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Why now?

AR ads have 20 - 80% better conversion over traditional ads1

Crypto users have spent $2.7B minting NFTs in the first half of 20222

67% of global leaders are exploring the Metaverse3

Our services


Not sure how to get started? We offer technical and business consulting on a range of topics including Blockchain, NFTs, and Augmented Reality.

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Social AR Filters

Leverage augmented reality features on popular platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or Snapchat. Get your first campaign out within weeks!

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Smart Contract Development

For those that need more in-depth technical assitance, we also offer smart contract development services over a range of different blockchains.

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