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Using Web3 for digital experiences with Sam Speaight


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The next guest on our podcast is Sam Speaight, CEO of VRJAM. Sam has around 20 years of international business management experience within the technology and creative industry sectors. VRJAM supports creators and brands to engage consumers using a range of proprietary technologies that combine, A.I., Web3, gaming and VR to astound audiences like never before. They develop innovative immersive technology applications that inspire people's hearts and minds.

Using proprietary technology, VRJAM helps to power virtual and mixed-reality experiences and content creation. In so doing our solutions provide fans, brands and content creators powerful new tools to engage and interact in digital space.

In this episode, we discuss Sam's background, his current projects, future predictions for Web3 and his own projects, as well as advice on how to start your own Web3 project and launch a token.

Each week we are releasing an episode in the field of either Metaverse/Gaming, Web3/Crypto/Blockchain, AI or XR. In case we have an extra Tuesday in a month, we have a guest from the Creative industries. Tune in, there are more amazing guests and stories to come up in the future.

AiJAM Republic Listing:

VRJAM's new immersive tech platform for rendering Ai avatars, AiJAM - powered by our native token VRJAM Blue. The VRJAM token lists on the USA's no. 1 launchpad, Republic, on 11 July, join the whitelist here

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