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Blurring the boundaries between gaming and films with HaZ Dulull


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The next guest on our podcast is HaZ Dulull, co-founder of HaZimation and is represented as a Director in Hollywood by The Vendetta Group. HaZ started his career in video games before moving into visual effects (The Dark Knight, Hellboy2) where he was nominated for several VES awards for his work on shows for History and BBC, leading to him transitioning to Directing & Producing with his breakout indie sci-fi feature film THE BEYOND in 2018.

On April 23rd 2024, HaZ’s stylish sci-fi animated feature film MAX BEYOND was released, utilising the Unreal Engine technology, and he has already been hailed as a pioneer in real-time technology filmmaking by Epic Games. He is also known as an early adopter of Virtual production, when he directed the short film PERCIVAL utilising the LED Volume stage. HaZ is also known to be the one of the first creators to utilise a Transmedia approach between film and games inside UEFN (unreal engine fortnite) with the launch of the Fortnite game: Moontopia, which received big media coverage including Edge Magazine and Epic Spotlight. He is also currently working as the cinematic director on the game: DUNE- Awakening which is currently in production.

In this episode, we discuss HaZ's background, current projects, future predictions for gaming and metaverse, emerging technologies, and advice on starting a game or film.

Each week we are releasing an episode in the field of either Metaverse/Gaming, Web3/Crypto/Blockchain, AI or XR. In case we have an extra Tuesday in a month, we have a guest from the Creative industries. Tune in, there are more amazing guests and stories to come up in the future.

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