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The intersection of AI, Innovation and Art with Paul Dowling


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Our next guest on the Amata World Podcast is Paul Dowling, CEO & Co-Founder of Mindstream-AI and is also an artist who goes by the name @FLUX__art. Mindstream-AI is an innovative platform at the forefront of the AI and data science revolution. With over 30 years of experience in technology and management consulting firms, Paul has also dedicated the past decade to working with startup founders and investors in the European technology startup ecosystem. He is passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence and data science to drive innovation in large and medium-sized organisations.

In this episode, we delve into Paul's background, how and why he entered the field of AI, his perspectives on the use of AI in art and creative industries, and his hopes and predictions for the future of AI, as well as his personal projects.

Each week we are releasing an episode in the field of either Metaverse, Web3/Crypto, AI or XR. In case we have an extra Tuesday in a month, we have a guest from the Creative industries. Tune in, there are more amazing guests and stories to come up in the future.

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