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Cutting costs and speeding up the indie filmmaking process using AI with Ryan Phillips


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Our next guest on Amata World Podcast is Ryan Phillips, Lead Television Director at BBC and Generative AI Pioneer. Ryan has over 20 years of experience working in the television industry across a wide range of output. With a robust skill set that includes Camera Operating, Jimmy Jib, Lighting, Editing, Multi-camera Directing, working with VR/AR content and more. Right now he is exploring new possibilities created by GenAI in the film and TV by creating AI-generated video content, using Midjourney, Runway's Gen1/Gen2, KaiberAi, Moonvalley, Adobe's creative suite and being a Creative Partner with Runway, Super-collaborator with Pika.

In this episode, we cover his background, his current projects, his current views on AI and GenAI in the film industry and how it could affect people working in this industry, as well as his hopes and predictions for the future of AI in filmmaking.

Each week we are releasing an episode in the field of either Metaverse/Gaming, Web3/Crypto/Blockchain, AI or XR. In case we have an extra Tuesday in a month, we have a guest from the Creative industries. Tune in, there are more amazing guests and stories to come up in the future.

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