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Reimagining advertising in the Metaverse using immersive technologies with Yaroslav Volovoj


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Our next guest on Amata World Podcast is Yaroslav Volovoj, the CEO and Co-Founder of Meta Ads Solutions, revolutionising performance marketing with its advanced targeting and analytical platform for metaverse advertising. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative Web 3.0 tools, Meta Ads create immersive advertising experiences within the metaverse. Their mission is to drive optimal outcomes through sophisticated marketing strategies, empowering brands to explore new digital innovations. 

In this episode, we cover Yaroslav’s background, his experience in marketing and moving into their Metaverse development and how they can help brands to use Metaverse space for advertisement. As well we touch on how AI could synergise with the Metaverse to accelerate its development.

Each week we are releasing an episode in the field of either Metaverse, Web3/Crypto, AI or XR. Tune in, there are more amazing guests and stories to come up in the future.

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Connect with Yaroslav on:


Telegram: @HelloMrV

Discord: MrV#0347

You can also connect with his co-founder - Nikolai Perkov 

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