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No-code XR business solutions with Naima Poggensee from SynergyXR


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In this episode, we speak with Naima Poggensee, Partner Manager at SynergyXR. SynergyXR is a no-code XR platform that empowers companies to elevate their work with Extended Realities without having to be a tech wiz or write a single line of code.

Naima enables SynergyXR business partners to solve complex problems in the corporate world by using the power of Extended Reality (XR). Her goal is to bring XR into corporate life and identify potential beneficiaries of this immersive technology. During our conversation, we discussed Naima's background, the current projects SynergyXR is working on, and her vision for the future of the XR field.

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Youtube - @synergyxr

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