We bring magic to the world with AR
By using emerging technologies, we are creating meaningful hybrid digital and real experiences
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90% of Gen Zs are interested in AR shopping
10 weeks could be saved by using GenAI 3D tools
We have recorded more than 50 episodes with different experts
Tap into emerging tech to your work
We are using new emerging tech, such as AR, AI, Web3 to stay ahead of the game
Grow your brand
Engage with your audience
Personalise your brand
Protect your IP
AR has been shown to increase the brand awareness by as much as 70%
Product experiences are up to 200% more engaging using AR
81% of customers want quicker service with more personalization. GenAI can help with that.
Blockchain-based smart contracts can help automate IP licensing and royalty payments
What we do
Social media filters
Custom solution
If you need any help with AR, AI, Web3 or any startup development book a call with us here.
Need development expertise to realise your vision? Work with our team of experts to bring your project to life.
Creating a custom AR filter for Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat starting from £25. Get in touch with us here
If you are looking for an easy way to create AR content, please sign up for the early access here
Our mission
about us
We believe everybody has a story to tell. Our dream is to bring them and everything we love from the real and the digital worlds, be it characters from games, movies, your personal stories, local culture or history into an AR metaverse.
Our team is your success
our team
CEO, co-founder
Ana Domina
Bryan Yap
James Shoemark
Mike Clouser
CTO, co-founder
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our podcast
Other platforms:
Creatives: #56 Handmade and sustainable concept jewellery in the midst of a GenAI revolution with Yanina Kremer
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